Prepping the home for a successful photo shoot

Using photos to maximize your home’s selling price?

Basic economics tells us that increased demand yields higher price. This begs the question, how do you increase demand for your home?  With the majority of home buyers now using websites to preview listings, a strong first impression is paramount. Interest in your listing will often begin and end with that first impression. The perceived quality of your home will often be judged in a matter of seconds during a typical shopping event. If you are able to capture attention through a strong featured image, the proceeding images will either build trust or detract from the shopping event.

How do I get professional photos that sells?

Since you’re reading this post, I imagine you’ve likely been directed here by an agent. That agent values a strong marketing message. So, you’re headed in the right direction. It’s time to prep the home for a great shoot.

Time for the Shoot (Home Prepping)

Recommendations for a successful home photoshoot.

  • Turn on all light, lamps and even outside lights durring day time – replace lightbulbs where needed and use a consistent lighting termperature
  • Shut off all fans or items in motion
  • Contain animals to one area or make arangments to remove them during the time of the shoot
  • Most shots will be super wide angles with long exposures (sometimes 1 minute in total), encourage all foot traffic to remain outside the house and when shooting outside, move traffic inside but away from windows
  • Declutter! – LESS IS MORE!
  • Clear kitchen countertops to very minimum and remove refrigerator magnets and pictures
  • Make beds
  • Put away shoes, backpacks, coats, dog dishes and remove animal enclosures
  • Remove family photos or replace with landscape scenes
  • Moves cars away from house
  • Tidy up outside
  • Make sure grass is cut
  • Put away or hide visible hoses, toys and balls

Now, you’re ready! Shoots times range from 40-80 minutes depending upon the size of the home and property.

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