Service Catalog



Web Packages – These are affordable alternatives to a full blown custom solution. You get a custom look and many of the same features found in the premium custom designs, but at a very affordable rate. Plus, extended features may be added to the package as needed, allowing your organization to build a package that best suits your needs and your budget.

HTML Sites – HTML sites are light weight and fast. They are typically used for smaller, brochure or informational sites that do not change with great frequency as they are more cumbersome to maintain. Pure HTML pages that are designed by a professional are great for achieving good search engine rankings due to their lean file size and clean markup. They often have fewer conflicts with browser technologies and validate better than a CMS solution.

HTML based websites are not the ideal solution to websites with frequent content changes, dynamic elements or users who want to edit and maintain their own content without having to work with the code. Unless you are planning a very static brochure or informational websites with limited features then you will likely want a CMS solutions.


These solutions require a greater degree of time investment and management. Whether you are selling 1 or 1000 products, e-commerce sites are the mechanism for helping your company reach a global audience. Site security is of greater precedence and website conversion rates. E-Commerce sites must provide a high level of usability and lead the customer through the sale.

Luminous Productions provides businesses with e-commerce solutions using secure payment gateways, 24/7 store front, automated processes and simplified order management.


The most commonly developed websites by Luminous Productions are CMS websites. Utilizing the power of a content management system, clients are more easily able to make text edits to their website and even add functionality through the content management system without having to be a “techy”. Content management systems also allow for a greater degree of scalability in many cases. Websites can be more rapidly developed and the sites can be very feature rich, without having to invest in custom feature development costs. The power of a community can be tapped to provide you with an elegant and effective solution.

  • – 508 Accessibility Development for Acrobat Forms (PDFs)
  • – Accessibility Audits/Remediation
  • – Banner Ads
  • – Flash Animation and AS Scripting
  • – Email Hosting
  • – Video Production
  • – Video/Audio Conversion
  • – Web Forms
  • – Web Hosting



  • – Advertisements
  • – Book Covers
  • – Brochures
  • – Branding/Logos
  • – Forms Design
  • – Posters
  • – Billboards
  • – Photography



  • – Real Estate
  • – Session Photography
  • – Event Photography
  • – Architectural Photography
  • – Product Photography
  • – Stock Photography
  • – Large Print Scenic
  • – High Resolution Spreads



  • – Website Review with Usability Recommendations
  • – Accessibility Check/508 Compliance
  • – Business Consulting for Web Presence
  • – CSS Design
  • – Usability Testing
  • – Multimedia Development
  • – Flash/Action Scripting
  • – Image Editing/Digital Manipulation
  • – Instructional Design Techniques for Technology Curriculum
  • – PDF Tagging for Accessibility and Reflow
  • – Form Design
  • – Print Design


Luminous Productions offers a variety of training at your location. Save money and time by bringing the trainers to you!

  • Accessibility and Usability – Revealing the Unknown
  • PDF Accessibility from Beginning to End
  • Advanced Outlook
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
  • Getting Started with Macromedia Flash
  • Web Development with Dreamweaver
  • Digital Manipulation – Photoshop
  • Basic Level – Photoshop
  • Intermediate Level – Photoshop
  • Advanced Photoshop
  • Vector Art Creation in Illustrator
  • Getting Started with Adobe Connect & Adobe Presenter
  • Database Design for Beginners
  • Web Design Basics using CSS
  • No more tables! Advanced CSS Design
  • Designing for 508 compliance