Making the Sale


It’s often said that your website is the virtual face of your business. But today your website is more than the face of your business, your website is an opportunity to do business. Your website acts as a connecting point between your brand, product or service and it’s potential client or user. If a picture communicates a thousand words, a website communicates ten thousand words.


The tone of your website provides insight into your business culture and sales practices. Do you talk to the customer as an authority, peer or friend? They all have their place depending on your product but misused they can be devastating. Contact us today about copywriting services.


The look of your website highlights your perceived value and quality. Let’s apply this in a physical sales environment. If you were to walk into a store that is claiming to carry high quality products, however, their parking lot is crumbling, their front entry way has a layer of scum on the floor and there is a trash can collecting rain water leaking from the ceiling. The perceived value of the products is greatly tarnished by the appearance and lack of commitment to the sales environment. Luminous Productions would like to help you set up a positive sales and branding environment that funnels clients to your desired action step. You can entice clients with your attractive design, display of quality and attention to detail.


The accessibility of your website reflects on the functional capabilities of your company or brand. If your site is difficult to use or users are unable to locate content of interest, they may feel their time is not valued. Your attention to accessibility reflects your attention to detail and commitment to your customer’s time. Any hick-up in delivering your web content, order process or service details, can greatly reduce your conversion rate.