We pride ourselves on providing a variety of design and multimedia services without compromising on quality. Our portfolio provides a sample not only of our services but also the people that have trusted the Luminous Productions brand.

  • Camille Eborn’s Senior Pictures

    Meet Camille We had only loosely gotten to know Camille at Cross Country meets over the past year, before the time of our session. It was a joy to get to spend more time with her, celebrating her accomplishments thus far, and looking ahead to her options for achieving her future goals. Camille, we look […]

  • Hudson Family

    Hudson Family

    This sweet family’s love for one another is just precious. Even with a stealth-like attempt to try to get pictures of just Brandon and Cheryl together, the girls were still able to sneak their way over into their parent’s photo…making for one of our favorite photos from their session.

  • Tyler & Amber

    Tyler & Amber

    Tyler + Amber Congratulations on your engagement. We are so happy the two of you found one another, and are excited about the life you plan to build together.

  • Chris & Krissy

    Chris & Krissy

    When we photographed Chris and Krissy and their girls last fall, they mentioned their hopes for another addition to their family. Well, watch out world, he is on his way! Hudson: Debuting October 2020

  • Maggie

    Maggie’s Senior Pictures

    Meet Maggie When Maggie was about 4 years old, her father was my professor. He talked then about what a dynamic little girl she was. Boy was he right! I think Maggie benefits from a combination of incredible natural inclination, as well as parents and a support system who believe whole-heartedly in her. What a […]

  • Macey & Odie

    Macey & Odie

    Macey + Odie We had so much fun working with the two of you. We are excited about the adventures that lie ahead for your journey together. Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!

  • Holten

    Holten’s Senior Pictures

    This young man aspires to study to become an Agricultural Mechanics teacher, so he can give back and share these valuable skills and knowledge with kids who might not otherwise have that opportunity. Holten, you are the real deal! You are a hard worker, dependable, responsible and a creative problem solver. This example will be […]

  • Sammy & Chase

    Sammy & Chase

    Sammy and Chase, it was so fun capturing your vow ceremony today. Even though Covid may have adjusted your plans, your flexibility in this situation is a good sign of your resilience as a couple for the adventures that lie before you.

  • Camdyn

    Camdyn’s Senior Pictures

    Who would have known that this is how the 2020 seniors would end their final year of high school? Camdyn, we know aspects of your senior experience have certainly been cut short, but truly, there are great things to come for you! And, just think, this was the perfect solution to senioritis! We took these […]

  • Dean & Joann

    Dean & Joann

    If you’re looking for a little pick me up this evening, look no further! Dean and Joann have been married for 40 years. The way they laugh together, sing together, serve together and just plain enjoy life together is inspiring. And if you know them personally, you know it’s all true-even Dean’s silly face in […]

  • Kaysi

    Kaysi’s Senior Pictures

    There’s just something special about this girl! I’ve seen it in her since I first met her about 5 years ago. I love her laughter and her joy. Happy 18th Birthday Kaysi! You are a very talented and passionate young woman. I can’t wait to see where your path leads!

  • Mud Puddle Minis

    Mud Puddle Minis

    Oh my goodness! These two were so adorable stomping, splashing and playing in the mud. These are the things childhood is made of!

  • Rockney

    Rockney’s Senior Pictures

    How cool is it that Rockney had his grandfather’s old truck to use for his senior shoot? We love when we get to incorporate sentimental items and locations into sessions, and we got to do both with him. Rockney, we appreciate how confident and collected you are, and wish you all the best in your […]

  • Brooklynn

    Brooklynn Senior Pictures

    This girl!! I’m pretty sure we chose the coldest 53 degree day possible for Brooklynn’s senior pictures. The wind was fierce, and she was nearly a popsicle by the end of the session. But doesn’t she look like she was just warm and cozy and a PERFECT, gorgeous model for her session?

  • Alfredo & Stacy

    Alfredo & Stacy

    How blessed was this couple to enjoy a 70° wedding day in the middle of December? May it be a sign of favor from the Lord! Congratulations Alfredo & Stacy!

  • Fiorisi Family

    Fiorisi Family

    Brian and Stephanie! Your family is so fun. Your love for one another is obvious. And the fact that you two can be silly with one another is a reflection of the health of your relationship. We are so glad you took the time to come and capture a little glimpse of this fun season […]

  • James Quigley

    James Quigley Senior Photos

    James, it was so much fun working with you and your family. I look forward to finding out what the future has for you as you embark on a potential acting and modeling career. I am confident that you will be successful and we will get to say, “We knew James before he got so […]

  • Tavener Family

    Tavener Family Photos

    There is so much love among this sweet family. All the hugs and snuggles and kisses were just precious. Jim and Donna, the love you’ve invested in your family is evident in your children, and in your children’s children. We were so grateful to be able to capture these photos of your beautiful family all […]

  • The Nichols Family

    The Nichols Family

    We don’t typically lead with a couple’s image on a family session, but oh my goodness. How could we not??? These two!! Chris & Krissy, your girls are sweet and your family is so kind. We loved doing this session with you and hope you treasure these photos for years…but not for too long, because […]

  • Brad & Brandi

    Brad & Brandi

    Brad and Brandi-we are just so impressed with how well you two are handling life with 3 teenagers in the house (send us the cliff notes please!!)…though it might be because you have raised such polite and kind kids. Your family is beautiful and your kids are fun. Thank you for the opportunity to capture […]

  • Rachel & Cody

    Rachel & Cody

    We had so much fun with these little cuties and their parents. Hadley sets the fashionista bar pretty high. And Blayze’s blonde curls melt me every time!

  • Campbell Family

    Campbell Family

      There is just something extra special to having family photos done at your new home. It is the place you’ve dreamt of, saved for, designed the floor plan for, prayed over, cried over, and now finally get to drive to at the end of a long day. It’s HOME! Shane and Jamie, your family […]

  • Mother and Son

    Amber & Jackson

    The mother-son relationship these two have is so precious! We loved getting to freeze time a bit on the fleeting moments we call life.
    Amber and Jackson, may your sweetness never fade…and may you remember to stop and hang from the trees every now and again.

  • Currin Family

    Currin Family

    We finally had the opportunity to capture the Currins while they were all together for a family weekend. Joe & Alicia, you have a beautiful and growing family. Your children are all so kind, and they’re all doing such a beautiful job raising their own children after the example you two have set for them. […]

  • Sweet little girls

    Sweet Little Girls

    These girls were so sweet and full of life. We had so much fun sneaking in this session as a little surprise for their parents.
    Their mommy and daddy still don’t know about it yet, so if you are privy to who these sweet sisters are, please don’t tag any of their family (not even their grandparents). But, do feel welcome to comment on just how adorable they are!!

  • Gossett Family Photos

    Gossett Family

    We have had so much fun getting to know this sweet family over the past year, and had so much fun getting to capture these images of them together. They were so easy to work with and we were all so fortunate to enjoy perfect weather for their session. Josh & Lisa, we pray that […]

  • Cici Lytle

    Cici is so sweet and was the tiniest baby I think we’ve ever had the privilege of holding. She is just perfect in every way. We know she is going to bring so much joy, laughter and memories to her family. Congratulations Jaret and Kelsey! She’s beautiful!

  • Brooke Blue

    Brooke-you did it! You graduate from college this week. And then you can embark upon all things adulting-you know, like finding a teaching job, paying bills, college loan payments, etc. Wait, I mean, let’s focus on the no more homework and tests for a while part and celebrate the fact that you’re back in Texas with so many loved ones. Welcome home girl! We’re proud of you!

  • Riley Isom Senior Photos

    This girl! We’ve known Riley and her family for about 15 years now. We’ve literally watched her grow up. We’ve witnessed her overcome. And now we get to benefit from her help here at Luminous Productions. Riley, you are strong and determined, with a healthy dose of creative and adventurous. We can’t wait to see how the Lord continues to use your gifts and talents to build a life that is full of joy for you and a blessing to others.

  • Amber Wynn Photos

    Amber, we are so proud of you! Not only are you on the cusp of finishing your college degree and launching off into teaching, you endured endless heckling during your session from your Dad (and Joe too). We are excited about the woman you’ve become through your college years, and look forward to watching God use your unique gifts and talents to serve and lead others.

  • Warren and Her-Schel Wedding

    What an amazingly beautiful couple! Warren, you found a real winner in Her-Schel! It’s been awesome watching as your relationship has grow and blossomed over the past couple of years. I’m so glad you trusted Emily and I with the opportunity to both enjoy and capture your special day. I do hope these pictures provide great enjoyment every time you see them and reflect on your wedding day. May God bless your union and minister through the two of you in mighty ways.

  • Neuberger Family Photos

    Look at this beautiful family we *found* in Oregon for photos on what happened to be the first snowfall of the season. The timing could not have been more perfect…except man it was cold! Last weekend we were shooting with pretend snow and snowballs in 60+ degree temps in Texas, this weekend, we got the real deal! So much fun! Thanks again Will & Megan for a fun time! The feeling has returned to all our frozen body parts!

  • Hanson Family Photos

    The last time we took pictures of the Hansons, Kevin and Paula were both still taller than the kids. A lot has changed in the last two years! And thankfully, this time, there were no ER visits the day of their session. What a kind and beautiful family the Hansons are! They are a wonderful asset to the Commerce community. We’re so thankful their path has led them here.

  • Philips Family Photos

    You’ve gotta love a family who is flexible with impending storms, a few rain drops and mosquitos the size of birds…and then is still willing to hop back out again when the sun pokes it’s beautiful head through the clouds and lights up the evening sky. Thank you again to the entire Philips family for the opportunity to capture these images for you. We pray you treasure them for years!