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Electricity is one of those bills that you just don’t think of much until you are without. When my wife and I first moved into our house, we were approached by a Reliant sales person about our energy needs. Being somewhat naive home owners we were sold on Reliant Energy (I think we had TXU at the time) as they had a good reputation and we did not think we had a lot of options at the time. Plus, they had fancy charts and graphs! Granted I believe this occurred around the time of deregulation of Texas energy and rates were still higher. At that time $.14 per/kw seemed decent enough.

Wow, have things changed for the better since then. With multiple properties, I became acutely aware of my options. I also have several multi-core machines going throughout the day that require special dedicate cooling. Today, I made the switch to StarTex Power to carry me through the summer with rates that are half those rates I originally selected for our residence. If only we could cut in half most of our other monthly expenses!

If you are interested in using StarTex Power, feel free to use the link below. Yes, it provides a small credit to my monthly bill and yes, I will likely change to a new provider after six months should I find a better rate. I know, I’m a fickle consumer and I never pass up an opportunity to save money or share a good thing. | StarPower Referral Code 19S3E

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