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Viddyoze and Viddyoze Live Action

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You are probably reading this review because you are looking for a real review of the Viddyoze or Viddyoze Action product. It’s easy to tell that most if not all of the reviews that I read while trying to purchase the product were paid for or launch jacking reviews. I ran into this when I was trying to determine whether or not I should purchase their first product over 6 or 7 months ago.

The good: For a few projects Viddyoze was just what I needed to produce a quick intro or bumper to my video without having to buy a After Effects template or manually create something. At $85 per hour for development, it does not take long at all to save my clients money with this product….if, their logo fits within the parameters of Viddyoze’s templates.

The bad: Viddyoze is a cloud based utility which is not necessarily bad but when the server is slowwwwww, it is very annoying and sometimes it errors off. Typically, the error is more related to files you are trying to use or transparent .png files that it may not agree with. You can work around these issues most of the time but I have run into several logos, that frankly, just won’t work in Viddyoze. If you are looking at this software for just one project, I would say, “Make sure your logo is very similar in perspective to their samples.” Oh, and by the way, be prepared for the post purchase up-sale for templates. You do get some serviceable templates with your purchase but quite a few of the “better templates” are on a monthly subscription bases. I didn’t purchase the subscription as it is expensive and I just could justify it at this point.

Conclusion: Would I buy it over again? Well, yes I would. I can’t even remember what I paid for Viddyoze now, but I do know that I have used it for at least 3 projects (attempted to use it on 6). When it works, it’s a time saver. Then again, when it doesn’t it’s annoying but eventually you learn what will and will not work. 

Viddyoze Live Action

So, I just purchased Viddyoze Action yesterday. I again looked for reviews and found a ton of fake launch jacking reviews from sites that try hard to convince you they are “Real Reviews”. It only takes a couple minutes of reading to see through the BS.

The Good: It’s inexpensive, but is it cheap? See below for the ordering process but if you ordered Viddyoze, you know that you don’t exactly buy and go. I will get into that below but once you have access you can see the templates that are available and it’s a pretty simple process. You select the template and then add your images. The number of images varies depending on the template. Then you can choose wether or not you include audio. From there you render. It will be sent to a rendering queue where you will wait and wait. Don’t close out of the window too early or it is all for not. It took me about ?? minutes to render. Yes, I’m still waiting (30 minutes so far) for the first render to complete.

The Bad: Well, I went through the same convoluted ordering process. I’m not sure of this, but I am testing if it is the case via a one time email address, but I am curious if my email address will get added to a marketing list even though I said I did not want to take part in any email marketing material. Time will tell. I’m hesitant to even mention that as I don’t really know,  but considering the launch jacking, the marketing techniques and some of the ordering process, I really have that vibe to be concerned.  You can take that as you will but I will say the “vibe” is a negative.

After ordering, you will get the up-sell attempt for a monthly subscription. I declined. Choosing a template and attempting to get the first video exported may prove to be challenging. For one, both Safari and Chrome seem to have an issue with the site as I quite often get a “something went wrong” error message. This is extremely annoying and makes me concerned about the overall quality of the product and their beta testing.

Now, the product did just launch but it is annoyingly slow to render. If you are a video editor, then you understand the processing power involved with video renders, however, this is really slow from a productivity stand point. Hopefully it gets faster as we go. Viddyoze, seemed to get faster over time. They provide the following message;

PLEASE BE AWARE: We are currently in “launch week” for Viddyoze Live Action. This means, we have abnormal usage, and renders will take a little longer than they normally would do.

If you have any concerns that your render is stuck, please get in touch via and we can take a look.

Would I order Viddyoze Live Action again? I’m not sure yet, maybe once my first sample render gets done I will be able to upload the sample and fill in this post. Until then……we wait…..and wait.

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