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  • Hudson Family

    Hudson Family

    This sweet family’s love for one another is just precious. Even with a stealth-like attempt to try to get pictures of just Brandon and Cheryl together, the girls were still able to sneak their way over into their parent’s photo…making for one of our favorite photos from their session.

  • Chris & Krissy

    Chris & Krissy

    When we photographed Chris and Krissy and their girls last fall, they mentioned their hopes for another addition to their family. Well, watch out world, he is on his way! Hudson: Debuting October 2020

  • Dean & Joann

    Dean & Joann

    If you’re looking for a little pick me up this evening, look no further! Dean and Joann have been married for 40 years. The way they laugh together, sing together, serve together and just plain enjoy life together is inspiring. And if you know them personally, you know it’s all true-even Dean’s silly face in […]

  • Tavener Family

    Tavener Family Photos

    There is so much love among this sweet family. All the hugs and snuggles and kisses were just precious. Jim and Donna, the love you’ve invested in your family is evident in your children, and in your children’s children. We were so grateful to be able to capture these photos of your beautiful family all […]

  • Currin Family

    Currin Family

    We finally had the opportunity to capture the Currins while they were all together for a family weekend. Joe & Alicia, you have a beautiful and growing family. Your children are all so kind, and they’re all doing such a beautiful job raising their own children after the example you two have set for them. […]

  • Campbell Family

    Campbell Family

      There is just something extra special to having family photos done at your new home. It is the place you’ve dreamt of, saved for, designed the floor plan for, prayed over, cried over, and now finally get to drive to at the end of a long day. It’s HOME! Shane and Jamie, your family […]

  • Mother and Son

    Amber & Jackson

    The mother-son relationship these two have is so precious! We loved getting to freeze time a bit on the fleeting moments we call life.
    Amber and Jackson, may your sweetness never fade…and may you remember to stop and hang from the trees every now and again.

  • Sweet little girls

    Sweet Little Girls

    These girls were so sweet and full of life. We had so much fun sneaking in this session as a little surprise for their parents.
    Their mommy and daddy still don’t know about it yet, so if you are privy to who these sweet sisters are, please don’t tag any of their family (not even their grandparents). But, do feel welcome to comment on just how adorable they are!!