• Maggie

    Maggie’s Senior Pictures

    Meet Maggie When Maggie was about 4 years old, her father was my professor. He talked then about what a dynamic little girl she was. Boy was he right! I think Maggie benefits from a combination of incredible natural inclination, as well as parents and a support system who believe whole-heartedly in her. What a […]

  • Holten

    Holten’s Senior Pictures

    This young man aspires to study to become an Agricultural Mechanics teacher, so he can give back and share these valuable skills and knowledge with kids who might not otherwise have that opportunity. Holten, you are the real deal! You are a hard worker, dependable, responsible and a creative problem solver. This example will be […]

  • Camdyn

    Camdyn’s Senior Pictures

    Who would have known that this is how the 2020 seniors would end their final year of high school? Camdyn, we know aspects of your senior experience have certainly been cut short, but truly, there are great things to come for you! And, just think, this was the perfect solution to senioritis! We took these […]

  • Kaysi

    Kaysi’s Senior Pictures

    There’s just something special about this girl! I’ve seen it in her since I first met her about 5 years ago. I love her laughter and her joy. Happy 18th Birthday Kaysi! You are a very talented and passionate young woman. I can’t wait to see where your path leads!

  • Rockney

    Rockney’s Senior Pictures

    How cool is it that Rockney had his grandfather’s old truck to use for his senior shoot? We love when we get to incorporate sentimental items and locations into sessions, and we got to do both with him. Rockney, we appreciate how confident and collected you are, and wish you all the best in your […]

  • Brooklynn

    Brooklynn Senior Pictures

    This girl!! I’m pretty sure we chose the coldest 53 degree day possible for Brooklynn’s senior pictures. The wind was fierce, and she was nearly a popsicle by the end of the session. But doesn’t she look like she was just warm and cozy and a PERFECT, gorgeous model for her session?

  • James Quigley

    James Quigley Senior Photos

    James, it was so much fun working with you and your family. I look forward to finding out what the future has for you as you embark on a potential acting and modeling career. I am confident that you will be successful and we will get to say, “We knew James before he got so […]

  • Brianna Sims

    Just as Bri’s cap says, “Every end is a new beginning.” As she closes this chapter as a Lion’s softball athlete, she has exciting opportunities ahead of her as she pursues her master’s with plans of coaching softball in her bright future. We can’t wait to see where your path leads Bri. Congratulations! You did it!