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Real Estate Photos Greenville

Luminous Productions provides real estate photography for Greenville, Commerce, Sulphur Springs, Rockwall, and the surrounding area.

Selling a home, business, or industrial property can be an exciting time for both sellers and buyers. As a seller, you are marketing a product and attempting to create an emotional connection with potential buyers. Your first opportunity at creating this connection is often through imagery. Properties with professional photography have been proven to sell faster and at higher prices than properties with poor photos (Study: Professional Photos of Listings Boosts Sales).

Pricing for Residential Properties

Selected and Prepared Photos


21-30 Interior and Exterior (less than 3000 sqft) 

Actual number of images delivered may be more depending upon property size and needs).


31-45 Interior and Exterior (larger than 3,000 sqft***)

For homes larger than 3000 sqft or multiple structures. See below of add-on for homes larger than 4000 sqft.

 ***Additional fees for larger houses or land. Larger properties require more shoot time, photo angles and editing time.   
Greater than 3000 Sq/ft $145
Greater than 4000 Sq/ft $165
Greater than 5000 Sq/ft $185
Greater than 6000 Sq/ft $205
 10-50 Acres $75 land only – ground shots
50-100 Acres $120 land only – ground shots
As an add-on to interior shoot + $20
100-300 Acres $150 land only – ground shots
As an add-on  to interior shoot + plus $85
300-1000 Acres $200 land only – ground shots
As an add-on  to interior shoot + plus $100
1000+ Acres Call for quote
Aerial (Drone Photography and Videography)
10-20 Aerial photos (Color graded) $120 stand-alone
$99 add-on to same-day interior photography service
Up to a 2 minute property video – Includes licensed royalty-free music $225 
Up to a 2 minute property video – Includes licensed royalty-free music and video bumpers for agent branding  $275
Up to a 3-minute cinematic style video with agent bumpers (color graded and widescreen formatted). Great for luxury homes or large properties.  (May include photo slide show if photos are also purchased) $375
Optimized for MLS upload. This option creates an export folder with images optimized for most MSL providers like NTREIS. A large low-compression export with a small higher-compression export will be delivered in two different folders. Free
Guaranteed: Rush Service (Same Day) – Photos shot during the day, prepared and returned before the following morning. $30
360 Photo (Requires viewer but can be posted to Social Media) $15
Twilight Shoot – Beautiful exterior twilight shots. Shooting at twilight requires good timing and good weather! We typically start shooting 15 minutes before sunset. Interior, exterior and property lights (pools, decorative and etc.) need to be turned on prior to the shoot to provide a warm glow coming out of the house and exposing the exteriors.  (Please note that interiors need to be shot before the sun drops too low or windows look dark and flat while reflecting the interior light. This can create a gap of time between home photos and twilight shots.) $99 twilight aerials or $125 aerials and ground, plus travel
Aerial real estate photo
Slideshow Tour with Music $85
Sky Replacement – You can’t always have great weather for the shoot but you can have pretty skies. This service provides sky replacement for better skies. Please note that in some cases sky replacement works better in some photos than others. Leafy trees can provide a challenge for a very clean sky replacement.


$5 per/image
  1. Before
  2. After
Round-trip Distance from Office (miles) 
2913 Charity Rd., Commerce, TX
Travel Charge
0-15 Radius (0-30 travel miles) Free
Outside of 15 mile radius (30 travel miles) $1 per/mile
Travel is calculated based on service credits. 30 miles of credit for each service. 

Int/Ext Photos = 30 miles of travel credit

Int/Ext Photos, Aerials and Matterport 3D Scan = 90 miles of travel credit; 3 x Services = 90 total miles of travel free

Agents can coordinate for multiple shoots in order to reduce travel charges. 2 x Shoots = 60 total miles free

3 x Shoots = 90 total miles free

Matterport 3D Tours
Matterport 3D – Up to 2,000 SQFT $149.00
Matterport 3D – Up to 3,000 SQFT $229.00

Matterport 3D – Up to 4000 SQFT

Greater than 4000 sqft ($.04 per sqft) 

Matterport 3D Tours (Bundles)
Professional Exterior Photos + Matterport Tour + Matterport Exported Interiors
Matterport 3D – Up to 2,000 SQFT, plus 5 Exterior Photos & 20 Interior Matterport Exported Photos $219.00
Matterport 3D – Up to 3,000 SQFT, plus 7 Exterior Photos & 25 Interior Matterport Exported Photos $269.00

Matterport 3D – Up to 4,000 SQFT, plus 9 Exterior Photos & 30 Interior Matterport Exported Photos

Greater than 4000 sqft ($.04 per sqft) 


Disclaimer: Although pricing is typically updated on an annual basis, pricing is subject to change at any moment, however, January 1st is our annual review date. Contact Luminous Productions to verify pricing information.